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Tournament Winners for the 2010 Season

Tournament & Winner

The Robert Prichard (Fermoy Cup) - Mark Avery
Over 50's (Jane Neville Rolf) - Margaret Anderton
111th Annual Tournament A Block (Norfolk County Challenge Cup) - Martin French
111th Annual Tournament B Block (Hunstanton Challenge Bowl) - George Woolhouse
111th Annual Tournament C Block (The Silver Bowl) - Neil Chalmers
111th Annual Tournament D Block (The Perbedy Lee Trophy) - Timothy Race
111th Annual Tournament Egyptian - Timothy Race
111th Annual Tournament Rothwell Trophy - Martin Kolbuszewski
GB Golf Doubles Finals (Ranleigh Cup) - Jeff Race & Timothy Race
Golf Singles (Level Play) - Jeff Race
Golf Doubles (Level Play) (Storey Salver) - Susan Boxell
Golf Doubles (Level Play) (Wood Salver) - David Thirtle-Watts
Green Shutters Singles - Pat Baillie
Green Shutters Doubles - Susan Boxell & Myfanwy Dunford
Grass Roots Singles - Tom Carpenter
Friday Singles League - Barrie Joyce
Open Invitation Singles - H/C 1-4 - Jeff Race
Open Invitation Singles - H/C 5-12 - Roger Stroud
Open Invitation Doubles - Ann Dennis & David Thirtle-Watts
The Albert Trophy - Bryan Saddington
The Butlin Trophy - Jeff Race
Roger Ivill (Hunstanton v Newport) - Newport
Hunstanton - Leighton Linslade Cup - Hunstanton
October Bowl (Hunstanton v Norwich) - Hunstanton
Golf Knockout Tournament - Men's Singles - Timothy Race
Golf Knockout Tournament - Ladies' Singles - Pat Baillie
Golf Knockout Tournament - Doubles - Pat Dawson & Pam Reynolds

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